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Episode 41- The Human-Human Interface

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Above: Paola Antonelli’s favorite piece from Talk to Me: Sputniko!’s “Menstruation Machine” that communicates the feelings and discomfort of menstruation to a non-menstruating person (e.g. a man).

“There’s a whole universe in every single object that becomes even bigger when put in relationship with a person.” – Paolo Antonelli

Paola Antonelli is the Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art. Her most recent blockbuster show, Talk to Me, explored the communication between people and objects: from chairs that talk to subway kiosks.

It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated by all the human-object interactions in the modern world. I’ve never used a “coin return” button on a vending machine that worked and there is interesting criticism of the increasingly common “pictures under glass” type of interface on the iPhone and iPad.

But as Paola Antonelli explains to producer Benjamen Walker (from Too Much Information), the evolution of communication design is pointing to a world that minimizes human-object interfaces and leaves us to free to focus on real human habits and needs.

Above: Episode #41 producer Benjamen Walker compares “UBIK” tattoos with Jonathan Lethem.

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Today we have the largest generation of young people the world has ever known.

They are demanding their rights and a greater voice in economic and political life. We will do all we can to meet their needs and create opportunities.

We will deepen our youth focus and develop an action plan across the full range of UN programmes, including employment… entrepreneurship… political participation… human rights… education and reproductive health.

Yesterday Ban Ki-Moon announced he will appoint a Special Youth Representative to spearhead this agenda and the creation of a UN Youth Volunteer Programme. 

What are your thoughts on this announcement? 

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UNA-ROK Youth Representative at Dag Hammarskjold Symposium in Beijing


Five youth leaders from our Youth Network were in Beijing in December 2011 to commemorate the death of former UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold and participate in the 2nd Dag Hammarksjold Symposium on the international norm of Responsibility to Protect. This is the third in the series. 

Read more about the Symposium in Beijing.

We asked Wondong Andy Lee, our youth representative from United Nations Association Republic of Korea (UNA-ROK), to share a few thoughts on his experience with R2P. 

What did you know about R2P and conflict prevention prior to attending the symposium?

It was the universal responsibility of a government to protect its people from any form of inhumane aggression or serious encroachment of human right. If a government wants to maintain its controlling legitimacy over people in its region, it should be held accountable for the safety and well-being of its nationals. In case it is incapable or unwilling to do so, the international community takes proper measures to protect those under serious violations. However, due to the principle of sovereignty, it commonly involves the question of “to what extent the international community is justified to intervene in the domestic matters of a country.”

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7 Billion Actions is collecting stories of organizations and individuals making a difference in a world at 7 billion. See all stories here and add your own!

Power of One: Jeffrey Sachs

Watch this Video: Interview with the Director of the Earth Institute, Columbia University

Watch the video interview with Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, as he discusses the lack of awareness around what 7 billion people means for the future of our planet, as well as his hopes for how technology can help meet our challenges.

“There is a view that is widespread, that needs to be addressed. And that view is that population doesn’t really matter, that the Earth can just continue to support more and more people…So why worry? That view is wrong and is a dangerous misunderstanding.”


Ricky made a crack about Johnny Depp’s film with Angelina … again!
Gervais: “Have you seen ‘The Tourist’ yet?”
Depp: “Uhhh … no.”
Depp: ”Oh boy. He’s fun.”


Ricky made a crack about Johnny Depp’s film with Angelina … again!

Gervais: “Have you seen ‘The Tourist’ yet?”

Depp: “Uhhh … no.”

Depp: ”Oh boy. He’s fun.”

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